Pieter Naessens

Pieter Naessens Photography works with clients through clear communication and cooperation to deliver high quality images on time every time.

Pieter Naessens has a broad range of photography experience and particularly specialises in architecture and portraiture. Pieter is based in Western Australia but is willing to travel across Australia and beyond.

With over 7 years’ experience working in corporate, architectural & advertising photography, Pieter understands and values his clients and strives to build long lasting partnerships. Pieter also understands that careful planning, budgeting and meeting deadlines are important to delivering the best result.  

More about Pieter:

·       he is Belgian born, turned proud Australian Citizen

·       he is a dedicated problem solver, efficient & practical

·       he loves taking photographs and cinema

·       he surfs and is a keen cyclist

Clients Pieter has worked with:

partial client list